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Episode 44 - Bruxelles 1893 Review

May 2, 2017

We're giving the two-player review treatment to one of our favorite under-the-radar strategy games: Bruxelles 1893! We also give our impressions on TMG's deluxe rendition of Yokohama and Mega Man Pixel Tactics from Level 99 Games, as well as have our willpower fade before your very ears as we succumb to the temptation of Roxley Games' Brass Kickstarter campaign!

Yokohama Deluxe - 02:14

Mega Man Pixel Tactics - 09:56

Aeon's End - 18:22

Deus: Egypt (expansion) - 24:58

Brass Deluxe Kickstarter campaign - 29:58

Bruxelles 1893 review - 38:10